American Cinematographer 4/14 AGWHAAN Article

Drew Taylor Indiewire AHWHAAN Review from New Directors New/FIlms Fest.

"Each shot seems to be more beautiful than the last, with deep, dark blacks and blurry lens flares that were accomplished the old fashioned way: by shooting anamorphic. There is one sequence where the girl is stalking a potential victim by mirroring their every move from across the street. It's a moment that exemplifies the movie as a whole—funny, scary, oddly sexy and deeply gorgeous."

Glenn Dunks The Film Experience Review of AGWHAAN

“Filmed in some of the most vivid and richly detailed digital photography of I’ve ever seen, A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night favours atmospherics, haunting compositions and smart juxtapositions as opposed to overt scares. The black and white photography was, for me, practically revelatory in the way its visuals were never once compromised by the format. With large parts of the screen drenched in deep blacks that the demise of celluloid has all but eliminated, Amirpour and cinematographer Lyle Vincent are able to evoke so much textural mood from the most simple of images.”

Scott Feinburg's Review of AGWHAAN

“The visuals are what really make this movie great. While watching this film, I couldn’t help but recall Michaelangelo Antonioni’s Red Desert with the industrial setting and existential angst sort of hovering over the film. The black and white cinematography is breathtakingly beautiful, making each image leap off of the screen.”

Variety Review of AGWHAAN

“For genre auds resistant to such readings, “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night” still offers multiple ambient pleasures — many of them down to Lyle Vincent’s lustrous lensing, its velvety finish making a Gotham-esque playground of this bleak, indeterminate wasteland.”

Hollywood Reporter Review of AGWHAAN

“...and the introspective mood is enhanced by the monochrome visuals and exquisite use of the widescreen canvas of cinematographer Lyle Vincent (he also shot Sundance title Cooties with Elijah Wood, who’s an executive producer here).”

The Script Lab Review of AGWHAAN
“The aesthetic tows the line between comic book, B-movie, and art-house, recombined in an exquisite package by Lyle Vincent’s cinematography, Sergio de la Vega’s production design, and Amirpour’s restless obsessions.”

Smells like Screen Spirit Review of AGWHAAN

“Shot in the style of a graphic novel, Lyle Vincent’s gorgeously high-contrast, black and white cinematography highlights the surreal atmosphere of this Iranian vampire romance.”

Indiewire Review of AGWHAAN

“Shot in gorgeously expressionistic black-and-white and fusing multiple genres into a thoroughly original whole, Amirpour has crafted a beguiling, cryptic and often surprisingly funny look at personal desire that creeps up on you with the nimble powers of its supernatural focus. The director combines elements of film noir and the restraint of Iranian New Wave cinema with the subdued depictions of a bored youth culture found in early Jim Jarmusch…the comparisons go on and on, but the result is wholly original.”

David Shear Movie Buzzers Review of AGWHAAN

“To write down every reason why A Girl Walk Home Alone at Night is brilliant would take up a novel. It’s one of the rare films that understands how perfectly to blend together disparate elements and create a film that takes you into its world and doesn’t let go. Armipour’s deft helming makes a concept that could be considered ludicrous a beautiful film. The only word that can be properly used to describe it is masterpiece.”

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